According to the BRSA’s credit data


According to the BRSA’s credit data, the banking sector credit volume decreased by 4 billion pounds in a week fell to 1 trillion 426.9 billion pounds. Despite this decline in the credit market, banks continued to increase credit interest rates. In October 2015, although the housing loans offered by banks were offered under the name of different campaigns, interest rates continued to increase.


The increases observed in Finzoom YMO rates are likely to continue in the coming period. Moreover, according to the monetary and statistical data released by the Central Bank on October 16, the total credit volume in the said period was announced as 1 trillion 426 billion 851 million 951 thousand. 129 billion 442 million of them received housing loans.


Among the banks participating in the Finzoom Monthly Average index, the highest YMO increase was observed in Denizbank for 3.1 months with a maturity of 120 months and TL 100,000. Finansbank, Akbank with 2.40% and Anadolubank with 2.37% were among the banks with the highest interest rates. The current interest rates on housing loans can be found in the Finzoom housing loans comparison section.


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Following the interest rate increases of TL 100,000 and 120 months, according to Finzoom YMO, the bank that offered the most appropriate housing loan interest rates in October is seen as VakıfBank with 14.27% Finzoom YMO. The second place is Halkbank with 14.45% Finzoom YMO rate. You can examine the interest rates and YMO rates of housing loans from the table below.



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