Important Notices to Avoid Fraud in Card Payments


The Interbank Card Center (BKM) issued iler Safer Steps in 3 Steps ”to enable card users to make fast, easy and secure payments before the upcoming holiday.


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Here are the steps that BKM lists the points to be considered:

POS use


“Make sure that when you give your card for payment, it is not passed through any device other than a POS device, that you take it back after making a payment and that your card number is not noted.



Do not get help from people you do not know when processing ATMs, if you suspect a specially placed device in the ATM you’re trading immediately notify your bank. If your card is stuck in the ATM, you should call your bank immediately from your own phone and do not leave the ATM without having your card closed. Be careful with people who want to help you in such situations.


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