Important Notices to Avoid 2


When you shop online


When shopping, choose known and trusted sites. Perform transactions on devices you trust, protected by current anti-virus software. By typing the address of the site you want to enter into your browser, you can prevent malicious software hidden in such links.


Make sure the addresses of the websites you are redirected to via SMS, e-mail, social media, or search engines, belong to your bank and be sure to check their certificates. Do not rely on e-mails or cards that require your card and personal information, even if the bank logo and name are used, on sites that appear to be owned by banks.


Finally, beware of fraudsters who try to use social networking sites to obtain security-critical information from you (card information, password, Confirmation Code from your phone, disposable password, etc.).


Because it is extremely difficult to be sure that someone is the person he / she introduces to on the Internet, never share important information for your safety.



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