In the mortgage market


In the mortgage market, it is important to remember that different banks offer various loan products to their customers through different campaigns. You can review the interest rates, charges and YMO rates using the same parameters for each bank through Finzoom.

Change in loan interest rates
Finzoom Annual Average Cost Ratio, which was 14.30% in September 2015, climbed to 15.47% in October 2015 with interest rate hikes.

Consumer Loans October
In October 2015, interest rate hikes in housing loans were also observed in consumer loans. Interest rates continued to rise despite the declining credit volume and the many different campaigns offered. In the coming period, banks will gradually start offering new year promotional products to the market. In this period, consumers who plan to use consumer loans should follow the campaign products.

With the observed interest rate hikes, Finzoom average YMO reached 21.92% in October 2015 from 20.48% in September 2015. Minor discounts are expected in the coming period with the launch of new campaigns in interest rates.


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