The Moscow Stock Exchange has begun trading on the Turkish lira.


The Moscow Stock Exchange has begun trading on the Turkish lira.

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In a written statement made from the stock exchange, the transactions started on the Turkish lira and about 1.5 million rubles from the first day said.

The statement given to the views of Moscow Exchange Money and Forex Markets General Manager Igor Maric, the expansion of tools for the forex market, participating in foreign trade operations between Russia and Turkey the bank’s customers, and pointed out that provide new opportunities for investment companies.

Russia and Turkey reminded that between the volume of foreign trade increased by 40 percent in 2017, 20 billion dollars now Maric, “Foreign Currency Russian ruble market of the Turkish lira development of direct purchase, in mutual agreement to encourage the growth of the role of the national currency.” found.

The Moscow Stock Exchange is currently trading on dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Swiss francs, Hong Kong dollars, Chinese yuan, Belarusian ruble and Kazakh tenge.

The Moscow Stock Exchange started trading on the Japanese lira as well as the Turkish lira.


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